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Why You Need to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

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A properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected workplace has never been more critical. Enjoy security and peace of mind knowing it's done right.  

We're almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. And, despite the length of time, mass vaccinations, and mask mandates, the virus is still impacting communities across the province and the nation.


To best protect your workforce, visitors, and clientele, it's critical that your commercial facilities are as clean as can be – properly sanitized and disinfected – to ensure everyone's health and safety. Healthy facilities also impact your bottom line and ensure you can keep your doors open.


New cleaning protocols help businesses reassure everyone who enters. But it can be challenging for owners, managers, and employees to consistently meet the necessary standards. That's why a commercial cleaning service, and their professional training and expertise, along with the appropriate equipment and supplies, is the best way to go. 


We want you to be able to focus on what you do best – operate your business! Leave the cleaning to the pros. But, if you're curious about the difference a commercial cleaning service can make to your business, read on.

A healthy, more contented team

When your employees and colleagues feel healthy and safe, they're simply happier. You want your employees to feel comfortable at work so that they can do their jobs as efficiently and productively as they're able.


Sure, you remind everyone about the importance of handwashing and may even provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. That may not be enough. Your workers shouldn't have to worry about the surfaces they touch and if they're clean.


In fact, these measures place the burden of workplace health and safety squarely on the shoulders of your employees. However, when you hire a commercial cleaning service, everyone can feel far less stress and enjoy peace of mind knowing that all required cleaning protocols are implemented – with professional quality.


Doing so shows that you consider the health and welfare of your team a priority. And, as a result, employees feel safer, more content, and the quality of their work won't be compromised.

Your bottom line – a healthy team means fewer sick days

When you take the necessary steps to protect the health of your employees, you help prevent the spread of illnesses and viruses such as COVID-19 and its new variant. Not only does your workforce feel safe at work, but the result is fewer sick days which can significantly impact workers' productivity and your bottom line.


But, to keep your facilities as clean as they should be to provide the protection your workplace needs is a challenging task when you choose to entrust it to your employees. They, after all, should have other priorities. 


According to the CDC, exceptionally rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols are required to prevent the spread of COVID-19. An expert commercial cleaning service like UniJan Facility Services has but one priority – ensuring that your business is as clean as possible in adherence to all the latest protocols.

It isn't easy to entrust that work to your employees, who have other priorities. A professional cleaning service has only one priority – keeping your facilities as clean as possible, in adherence to all the latest protocols.

A commercial cleaning service can reduce your workload… and stress! 

When you come into work every day knowing that they are as clean as can be – properly sanitized and disinfected with the health of your team and business as a priority – you enjoy much greater peace of mind. 


When you employ a quality commercial cleaning service, you'll experience far less stress and worry over the welfare of your employees, whether the job of cleaning has been done to the appropriate standards to ensure the health of your team.


The fact is, keeping commercial operations clean, sanitized, and disinfected according to the newest guidelines and protocols is a full-time job. Chances are, you or an employee can't do it to the appropriate standard.


You and your employees are quite likely untrained to be responsible for the cleaning; the job is just that much more challenging. When you hire a service dedicated to the proper cleaning of your business, it's off your plate, and you and your workers are better able to:

  • Prioritize the business and operations. 
  • Focus on serving your customers and clients.
  • Enjoy a happier, healthier, more productive workplace.
  • Trust that your spaces are all as clean, sanitized, and disinfected as possible.
  • Know that you provide your workers with the safest, cleanest, and healthiest workplace possible to support productivity and job satisfaction.

When you choose to work with an expertly trained professional cleaning service, the work and stress of managing the cleanliness of your facilities are in capable and experienced hands. And they're not yours!

BONUS – Promote your exceptional cleanliness and safety 

When you know you are making every effort to provide the cleanest, safest, and healthiest facilities possible, go ahead and use it to promote yourself!


By all means, use your extra effort in your marketing and promotion. There's certainly never been a better time than the pandemic to let people know you're going above and beyond to prioritize your employees, customers, and visitors' health and safety.


The pandemic has made people fearful and wary. Let people know that your facilities are safe and you do all you can to keep them that way. When you take the extra precautions and hire a professional commercial cleaning service, it helps build trust in you and your business – and last long after the pandemic has run its course.


Choose the BEST commercial cleaning service – UniJan Facility Services! Keep your facilities clean, safe, and free of harmful viruses.


Enjoy the best in service and results. And the peace of mind, the confidence of knowing your facilities are as clean as possible and that we prioritize the health and safety of your business as much as you do.


Clean, safe facilities will reflect your professionalism. Your safe, happy, and productive employees will reflect the values of your business. Make it that much easier and begin a great relationship with a commercial cleaning service that understand quality and customer service – during this phase of the pandemic and beyond!


Cleanliness is the foundation for health and safety and the contentment and productivity of your team – not to mention the success of your business. The utmost in clean, sanitized, and disinfected facilities should always be a priority.  

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