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Do It Once – Do it Right! Leave Your Post-Construction Cleaning to the Pros!

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It’s only done when it’s clean. A thorough post-construction cleaning marks the REAL completion of your building project. 


Just because the building is complete doesn’t mean you can call the project complete. It’s only done once the dirty work is finished – the post-construction cleaning, done once and done right!


A thorough post-construction cleaning is the last essential step to completing any construction project, big or small. Only once the building and, yes, the building site, are clean, can a project properly be called done.


One of the stranger byproducts of this pandemic has been the boost in building projects – developments, homes, and renovations. Instead of bringing projects to a standstill, the demand has only increased.


With this growing demand, the stresses on building contractors has only amplified. They’re over extended and trying to keep up. And that means they often don’t have the bandwidth to manage the last stages of construction the way they might have during slower times. And, really, they shouldn’t have to. Let them do what they do best – build. and let a professional janitorial and cleaning service manage the post construction cleaning. 


A cleaning service will do it once and do it right. Such specialization will help you complete your project on schedule and better than ever as you satisfy and impress your 

So, yes we’re definitely in a building boom. But, that shouldn’t mean neglecting or rushing through the final, dirty stages of your project. Or leaving it to your employees, whose expertise and skills can you serve you better on your next job. 


To properly dispose of the materials, remnants, and debris that so commonly litter a construction site, a specialized post-construction cleaning crew will come in and do the dirty work for you. 


Leave your construction clean up to the pros! UniJan Facility Services, with over 20 years of experience, can meet your post construction clean up needs.


Why choose a professional cleaning service to clean up your building site? For a variety of reasons:

Your bottom line! Professional post-construction cleaning is more efficient than DIY

Don’t just assume that taking on your own post construction cleaning is saving you money. In actuality, your DIY efforts might, in fact, be costing you more.


You’ve invested a lot to ensure that your crew is skilled and experienced at construction — not clean up. And you need those skills and talents at the next project, not in the dirt, cleaning up the last one.  


Construction cleanup is tedious and labour-intensive. And, unless you have a dedicated cleanup crew as part of your team, you can’t afford not to have your talented crew doing what they do best. If you task your workers with the post-construction cleaning, you’re wasting their time and yours – and that means money.


Proper cleanup requires the knowledge and implementation of correct procedures and sourcing appropriate safety equipment and gear. It also means that you and your team need to be fully informed on necessary protocols so that you can identify if anything has been missed or mistakes have been made. 


When you delay the next project as you clean up the last, you’re wasting precious time and resources. An expert, experienced post construction cleaning team come prepared with all of the knowledge, skills, and up-to-date information to perform a thorough cleaning up and to exact specifications.

A professional service will clean a construction site thoroughly. You pay for expert, efficient service that’s done fast, right, and once, saving you valuable time and money on every project. 

Don’t risk the health of your crew – safety first!


We all know that there are a variety of dangers on any construction site. If you choose to handle the clean up yourself with your construction team, these dangers can pose a serious risk to your clean up crew. Particularly, if their experience with construction clean up is limited.


Consider the hazardous elements and related demolition debris of any site – glass, wood, metals, steel, concrete, and others. Unless handled properly and with experience, there are a variety of injuries that can result: trips and falls, cuts and lesions, broken bones, injuries due to falling objects, and more.


Keep your crew healthy and happy and moving without incident from one project to another. And leave nothing to chance when it comes to your valuable team’s health and safety. An expert and professional post construction cleaning company will make sure that your building site is cleaned thoroughly with safety as a priority. 


Unijan arrives at your construction site with the experience, expertise, gear, and equipment to do the job right. And help keep your valuable crew free of injury.

Post-construction cleaning done right


Leaving a building site thoroughly cleaned and tidied is more than just about optics. It’s critical to everyone’s safety. Of course, there is the matter of debris and remnants of building that pose a risk, but in some cases, there are risks that aren’t as visibly obvious. 


There is a range of other elements that can pose serious health risks to anyone who encounters the building site. For instance, toxic fumes that can be dangerous with inhalation or exposure. Dangerous moulds, dust, asbestos, lead, and solvents can be present after construction. 


The appropriate disposal of all hazardous materials and waste is important. If it’s rushed or performed incorrectly, you run the risk of expensive penalties or worse – the potential  injury or harm to someone exposed due to you or a crew members negligence. 


An expert construction cleaning service, who understands the specific protocols and guidelines, will help you mitigate possible risks, and save your construction business time and money.


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